TR3, LX Series, IR Series*

Unlimited No Questions Asked Warranty

Recreational Users

We will repair or replace your TR3 or fly reel in the event it becomes damaged or defective. If we cannot repair your reel, we will replace it with a reel of equal or similar value.

No matter who, what, when, why or how, our TR3 and fly reels are fully covered—just get it here and we’ll make it right.

  • Unlimited lifetime warranty
  • Fully transferable
  • No receipt needed
  • Free return shipping

Note: Loss, theft, deliberate damage, or cosmetic damage that does not hinder the performance of the reel are not covered.

Commercial Users (e.g. charter boats, guides, and lodges)

After a period of two years from the date of purchase, should you return your reel for service, a nominal processing and handling fee and the cost of parts will be charged.

A note on maintenance

While you can rely on Islanders to deliver lifelong performance, following the maintenance instructions included with your reel will keep your reel performing at its best and minimize the need and hassle of sending your reel in for service.

MR3, MR2LA, Steelheader, MR1062*

Two Year Limited Warranty

Islander offers a limited 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects. For a period of two years after the date of purchase, Islander Reels warrants MR3, MR2LA, ARMR2 and MR1062 products against any failure due to defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is valid only if the reel has been cleaned and maintained according to the Maintenance Instructions. This warranty applies to the original purchaser only. This warranty does not cover normal wear, misuse, or loss. Nor does this warranty cover damage due to: improper use or improper assembly, improper/inadequate cleaning or improper/inadequate maintenance.

*All warranty repairs must be sent directly to Islander. Reels repaired by 3rd party repair depots will not be covered by warranty.

Repair & Service Instructions

To have your reel repaired we have numerous options depending on your situation. Note: All warranty repairs must be handled by Islander Directly.

1) Canadian Repair Depots

Country Rod Crafting


3709 Remora Place

Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

Mike’s Reel Repair

1-888-404-1119 Ext 4

108-31060 Peardonville Road

Abbotsford, British Columbia V2T 6K5

The Reel Doctor


5408 53 Ave NW #3

Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3K1

Centerpin Angling


1-844-759-6153 (USA/CAN)

Lawrence Commerce Park

1315 Lawrence Avenue East., Unit 201

Toronto, Ontario M3A 3R3

Reel Man Reel Repair


Box 1372

Port Hardy, British Columbia V0N 2P0


2) U.S. Repair Depot

Beavertail Rod and Reel


82 Hoover Street

North Kingstown, RI 02852


3) Islander Direct

To send your Islander Reel to Islander for maintenance or repair, please read below:

  1. With your reel, include your name, physical address, phone number, email address and a description of the problem.
  2. For non-Canadian returns, clearly label customs paperwork and the package exterior: “Made in Canada Goods Returning For Repair”
  3. All shipments must be prepaid using Canada Post or US Postal Service
  4. Please use – NAFTA / HST Code for shipping 9507.30.60.00 – Fly Fishing Reels
  5. Shipments should be made either by registered mail or by courier* to:

Islander Reels

ATTN: Repairs Dept.

6771 Kirkpatrick Crescent

Saanichton, BC, Canada

V8M 1Z8

*Please do not use UPS or FedEx when shipping to Islander. If Islander is charged additional fees from customers who do ship via UPS or FedEx, those fees will be charged back to the customer.*

A $20 processing and handling fee will be applied to each non-warranty related reel. Repairs are approximately 6 weeks lead time seasonally – make sure to plan ahead.

Islander will contact you by email for payment. Please do not send cash or cheque with your repair.

Product Manuals

Lost your product manual? Bought a reel on the used market? Need a product care reminder? See below for PDF copies of manuals from our current and discontinued reels.

Current Reels

MR3 Manual

MR2 Manual

ARMR2 Manual

LX Manual

IR Manual

Steelheader Manual

TR3 Manual

Discontinued Products

AR Manual

FR Manual

IC Manual

Tidemaster Manual

TS Manual

Product Care & Maintenance Monday Tips

General Instructions

After all saltwater usage, reels should be rinsed with lukewarm water and allowed to dry.

Mooching and Fly Reels

Cleaning Instructions

  • Disassemble your reel and remove clutch (if applicable)
  • Clean the inside of your reel with the soft cloth / swabs (save one to spread oil on the clutch cork)
  • Remove old oil, grease and accumulated grit

Grease these areas

  • Base of spindle where it meets the frame
  • Areas where parts rub against each other (where springs meet clickers)
  • Bearings – back of clutch, front of spool, back of spool
  • Teeth of the clutch or gear

Oil these areas

  • Pivot points (pawls, clickers, springs)
  • Cork on the clutch surface.

Centerpin Float Reels

Cleaning Instructions

  • Disassemble your reel
  • Clean the inside of your reel and remove old oil, grease and accumulated grit with the soft cloth/swabs.

Grease these areas

  • Between the clicker and spring
  • Teeth of the gear
  • Between the cam and cam arm (Searun)

Oil these areas

  • Clicker pivot screw and other pivot screws
  • Spindle base
  • Bearings (front and back of spool)
  • O-ring on the back of the spindle screw
  • Underneath the clicker button (IS)
  • Cam detent and surrounding area (Searun)